Martin Baran Born on June 2nd 1992 in the city of Trebisov in Czechoslovakia one year before the fall of communism and the separation of Czechoslovakia to form Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Martin began showing exceptional artistic skills during his childhood creating exact versions of his favorite Baroque and Renaissance painters. As a youth he was commissioned to do several temporary installations and paintings. In his early works Martin used mostly charcoal and oil and was very connected to nature with a passion for the masters of classicism. He continued his study at the prestigious School of Applied Arts in Kosice, Slovakia (2007-2011) graduating with honors. Additionally he was awarded the opportunity to make a permanent fresco in the halls of the university that can still be seen to this day. Martin was then given a full scholarship to Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic (2011-2014), to master Art History. Baran stayed in Europe one additional year to work on his thesis and reshaping his form and life drawings techniques that will be included in future collections. As he traveled through Italy, France and the Netherlands he realized pursuing a career in fine art was now his one true passion and has been exploring the world in pursuit of creative bliss. Although many of his ideas come from the farthest corners of the globe, Martin Baran has made Los Angeles his primary studio and has gained a large following of Collectors and Art Enthusiasts. He is currently an artist member of Los Angeles Art Association and has participated in numerous art exhibitions around the United States and Europe. His work has become a favorite of the Conception Global Art Collective, which honored him with the “Award for Excellence” 2016.